The Buying Process

Services For Buyers:

Whether you are a first time buyer,  or an experienced business owner looking for a new opportunity, Aviation Business For Sale will locate a business in this exciting and lucrative industry that meets your purchase criteria.  Some of the many ways we can assist you include:

Providing you with a good understanding of the business buying process.

Assisting you in matching your interests, goals and desires with the right business opportunity.

Supporting your transition into business ownership.

Buying a business through Aviation Business For Sale will allow you to minimize time, inconvenience and expense while maximizing your potential for success.

Determine goal or outcome: A good decision is the result of thoughtful planning. A buyer should establish certain criteria including: affordable price range; style and size of home; location; lot size; school locations and access to facilities such as shopping, medical care and businesses. Real estate brokers can offer assistance in these areas.

Establish brokerage relationship: When you have decided what type of broker relationship and services meets your needs, and after having interviewed enough brokers to feel comfortable with your decision, it’s time to finalize your decision with the broker you have chosen to work with. Your broker may ask you to sign an exclusive right to buy agreement to formalize the brokerage relationship. All Colorado approved forms advise parties to seek legal counsel if you are not sure about the meaning of consequences of the agreement. If you choose not to sign the agreement, the relationship between you and your broker will be “transaction-brokerage” by default according to Colorado License Law.
Preview properties: Once you have established a relationship with a real estate professional, discuss what types of properties and neighborhoods might meet your needs and price range. Plan on previewing several properties that you and your broker have selected as potential matches to your criteria.

Make an offer:
Contract: An offer for the purchase of real estate must be in writing to be valid. The Florida Real Estate Commission requires that every licensee use a contract form approved by the Real Estate Commission unless the contract is drawn by the seller or buyer or the attorney for the buyer or seller.

Contingencies: Since every offer to buy is unique, the Real Estate Commission approved contract allows for you and your licensed broker to make the contract contingent on certain things such as approval of financing, a satisfactory home inspection or the sale of your current residence. It is important to include those contingency items in your contract to eliminate misunderstandings about what circumstances will allow you to complete your end of the bargain.

Time is of the essence: Your offer allows you to make decisions regarding when to close on your new property and when you can take possession and what remedies are available if the contract dates are not met.

Acceptance, Rejection & Counteroffer: Your contract should give the seller a specific period of time to consider the offer. If your deadline is not met you have no obligation to continue with the purchase. If your offer is rejected either by notification from the seller or by no response you can decide whether to amend your offer or consider other property. If the seller wishes, he/she may decide to change the terms of the offer and give you the opportunity to consider the terms as modified. At this point your original offer is rejected and you can accept or decline the counteroffer.

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